By: Marne Brobeck


Exhibiting at a trade show puts companies on the right track but how are meaningful connections that translate into sales made? Surprisingly, the secret to a successful trade show is not a top notch giveaway coupled with a fishbowl. Fishbowls full of business cards overwhelms e-blast lists with unqualified leads. Do not focus on using a gimmicky giveaway to connect with attendees. Create an atmosphere that inspires potential customers to engage with the booth. This is accomplished in the execution of the graphics, layout and hospitality.

 Use Eye-Catching Imagery at Trade Shows 

Stop attendees in their tracks with an innovative booth design. You can achieve this by combining clever headlines and your best professional imagery. Attendees need to be able to tell what you do, but don’t use your booth displays to deliver your sales pitch. Focus on creating an atmosphere that sparks curiosity. When the timing is right your booth staff will deliver the deal. The appropriate time may not be on the trade show floor.

 Have Conversations Without Barriers  at Trade Shows

Keep products, marketing materials and tables uncluttered and prevent them from blocking entry ways. Encourage staff to invite guests inside the booth for browsing and conversations. The natural flow of traffic will push attendees away if they are forced to stand in the aisle. Additionally, incorporate a place to sit down for meetings. Chairs are sparse at trade shows, and the cordiality will be much appreciated.

 Be Hospitable at Trade Shows

Once a sales lead has been established in your booth, invite the attendee to sit down. Hospitality is key in creating a memorable and positive experience with your company at a trade show.  Supply mints, water or light snacks and have a simple first-aid kit on hand. Conceal these items to prevents guests uninterested in the company from overwhelming the booth. Allow staff to suggest and hand deliver nourishments to their guests so the experience is more personable.
Before planning your next trade show re-think the goals. Will attendees remember the exhibitor that gave away the pink Yeti cooler a week after the show closes? Pick a target audience and make your company memorable to those who need your services. Hook prospective customers with an attractive display and invite them to converse in your booth. Anticipate your guest’s needs and brandish hospitality in the form of refreshments and relief. Remember, trade shows are about building relationships and meeting new prospects. Don’t leave your trade show success in the hands of a plastic cooler.


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