Meet The Team

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Scott Emerine

Co-founder / the Suit


Scott Emerine is Co-Founder of Branding Iron and a client liaison extraordinaire. Known and respected, nobody is more attentive or proactive at handling clients’ tasks. For more than a decade, this former editor and journalist has utilized his profound ability to connect with people to help clients gain recognition and enjoy national attention. Emerine has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Oral Roberts University and a Master of Science degree in Health Care Communications from Boston University. He is known for his knowledge of “Health Care and Helicopters.”

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Marne Brobeck

Co-founder / Creative Director


Marne Brobeck is Co-Founder of Branding Iron and a creative zealot. Want fresh ideas and unforgettable imagery? Then get ready to drink from the fire hose. His work has been recognized by most every notable awards show, and has the innate ability to stir emotions while educating and inspiring consumers and businesses alike.

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Sheila Reed

Director of Trade shows & Events


For some writers it began with poems, song lyrics or nursery rhymes. With Sheila, her passion for writing started when she received a diary as a gift. Even at the age of 8, she knew there was something special and lasting about inking her thoughts onto paper. In 2011, it was an internship with Branding Iron where she found her career path­. One that allowed her to use the journalistic writing style that she developed under the tutelage of Scott Emerine. Her degree in communications and her background in event planning are now paying off. She’s quickly winning over Branding Iron clients due to her marketing, public relations and trade event planning capabilities. When she’s not in the office, she can be seen walking at the dog park with her dog, Luna. Sheila always keeping projects in motion and makes sure things run smoothly for clients at major events and shows around the world.

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Tim Rhea

Studio Artist



Tim tunneled out of East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has been applying his skills since Thirtysomething was still on the air. Notorious for his patience and attention to detail, Tim is known to perform graphic design under a microscope, thus causing many a multi-page layout to tap-out in submission. When he’s not out on a ledge, you can find Tim under the hood of any nearby Mac, meditating to chanting monks or fine tuning the effectiveness of the Spock nerve pinch.

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Joy Emerine



Joy Emerine graduated from King University with a 4.0 GPA Summa Cum Laude and has a background in administration, legal and finance. You may have already met her at a few trade shows over the past eight years. As a mother of three boys, she is well versed in tackling numerous tasks at once, handling complex issues and making sure every detail is taken care of.

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Hannah Sneed

Marketing Coordinator



As Marketing Coordinator, Hannah Sneed enjoys assisting in trade show coordination, helping our clients improve their social media savvy, and further developing her skills in PR writing. Coming from a background in sales and account management at a large distributor for spa equipment, she thrives on multitasking and meeting deadlines, and loves watching BI customers succeed. When she’s not in the office, Hannah enjoys spending time with her husband and one year old son, trying new recipes, and taking day trips to the fun places tucked around our region.

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