Where Creative Ideas Come From

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by Marne Brobeck

Since 1968, Keebler® has made the claim that their cookies are baked by elves in a hollow tree. It would be safe to say that probably wasn’t on the creative brief. Yet, one creative at Leo Burnett looked beyond the many rows of gray lines on that white sheet of paper and saw something magical. Like the proverbial fly on the wall, I would love to have seen the client’s face when the agency presented the storyboards showing those little apron-wearing munchkins busy at work–inside a tree nonetheless. The long blank stare, the sound of finger rolls on the conference room table top while the creative team managed to maintain a pasted-on smile. Maybe the client applauded. Or asked the question, “What are you guys smoking?” (I’ve had clients do both.) So, where do these ideas come from?

Creative Process



How to Organize Event Planning Details

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Keeping a special event organized is paramount in running a smooth event. Planning trade shows and corporate events often involve a lot of elements including invitations, deadlines, quotes, budgets and approvals.  It’s a very detailed process and if something is missed it can create a mini panic. Here are event planning tips on how to keep your event organized so the day of the event you can focus on execution.

event planner


How to Prepare for an Interview with the Media

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by Scott Emerine

Hawaiian Shirt

There are two types of people; those that like being interviewed and having media exposure and those that do not. Being interviewed can be positive depending on how it is handled. In this blog I will focus on how to prepare for an interview with the media and include tips for executives. 


Trade Show Checklist

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By Sheila Reed

Have you ever had to make an emergency run at a trade show for last minute items you forgot to pack? Or have you scrambled to find a reservation or order confirmation when something went awry? Here’s a handy trade show checklist for what to pack for your next trade show to prevent mini panic attacks.

trade show checklist


Considerations for Trade Show Booth Design

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By Marne Brobeck

trade show

Walk the floor of any trade show and you will see any number of concepts meant to draw attention. Roulette wheels, magicians, trinkets of all things imaginable–it seems that anything goes and often does when clients are asked to display their products and services. The one constant is that trade shows are hard work. Whether you volunteered or just the lucky one chosen to be the company mouthpiece, you will find the days long and tiring. Arrive fresh and prepared to show your best side.


How to Attract Customers and Media Attention at Trade Shows

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How to Attract Customers and Media Attention at Trade Shows

By Scott Emerine

Have you ever exhibited at a trade show and you feel like a small company in a sea of large companies?  Have you ever felt like your press release is one of a million?  You are not alone.  That isolated feeling is one that many companies experience when trying to tout their brand message at international trade shows.  Strategic public relations can help alleviate that feeling.  Over the past decade Branding Iron has found three strategies that enable clients’ messages to be heard at trade shows.

trade show press release public relations

Scott Emerine conducting a press conference  at ALEA 2014

The New Product Introduction

Editors and writers are hungry for new content.  New product releases may sound cliché, but it is how you present the message that matters most.  Introducing a new widget is not a big deal.  Introducing a new widget that no one else has or that does something that no one else’s widget can do is important.  Deadlines are always tight, so give the media advance notice that you will have a release about a product.  Let them know what it is and why it is important.  Prepare high-resolution images and video if possible in advance of the release.  Your goal is to make the member of the media’s job as easy as possible. Be sure you know their deadlines and help them not feel the crunch of tight schedules.  Sending embargoed release months in advance of a show can help obtain coverage before the deluge of releases that are issued during a show.  Sending the press release in advance of the show can also prove useful if you let readers know that the NEW product will be at the show for attendees to see.